Websites and webpages contain information that can be extremely valuable to an investigator, legal representative , individual or organisation. Fusion’s experts can forensically acquire the contents of a website or webpage as it is viewed by the user.

More importantly this evidence can be preserved before it is edited or even taken down by the user. The forensic capture process can be particularly useful in cases involving posts on social media.

Fusion’s experts can acquire the full build of a webpage including the code, HTML files, picture files, sound/video files, JavaScript files, MS-DOS Application files, RSS Feed files and many more.

This robust capture also allows our experts to examine potentially malicious code embedded within JavaScript files.

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Case Study

Case Background

Fusion Forensics was instructed to conduct a cyber related investigation to identify the individual behind a series of online defamatory posts, to allow our client to commence litigation against the perpetrator. The perpetrator had taken notable steps to disguise their identity in the posts.

What Fusion did

Our first step was to define the objectives, set limits for the analysis and then create a bespoke cyber forensic investigation. Fusion forensically acquired the contents from the notable websites. Our experts used this data in conjunction with the asymmetric online data associated with the defamatory posts and original media files from digital devices originally acquired by UK Police.

Our findings

A thorough forensic examination identified an online social media account that published a unique identical media file to one recovered from the perpetrator’s address. The user details of the online social media account were disguised. Our experts examined the metadata behind the photograph and ultimately yielding material that evidentially linked the identified person to the defamatory post.

The Outcome

Our cyber forensic examiner was able to write an affidavit as an expert witness and, together with supporting documentation, this led to a successful litigation against the perpetrator.