The huge growth in the use of Satellite Navigation devices in vehicles (either through In-Car Entertainment or dash/windscreen mounted devices) and the more recent growth in GPS applications on smartphones and tablets, means that they can now be a useful evidence type in criminal cases.

Fusion Forensics are experts in recovering the stored data of such devices to help ascertain such information as:

  • Home location

  • Favourite stored addresses / locations

  • Manually entered addresses /locations

  • Journey start and end

  • Last GPS fix of a device

  • Last journey

  • Dates and times a journey was started

  • Paired mobile phone details

  • Paired mobile address book, call records and SMS

  • Deleted data

This data can be useful or critical in a whole range of case / crime types and we have been asked to analyse Sat Nav devices in, for example, drugs cases, death by dangerous driving, burglary and many others.

Forensic Examination

The forensic examination of portable Sat Nav devices can add real evidential weight to your case. Fusion’s experts are experienced in recovering live and deleted data from multiple navigation devices. In addition to utilising industry leading software tools our experts are able to acquire additional data not typically extracted such as track (trip) logs. Track (Trip) logs have proven to hold key additional data such as the device’s recorded location, for example, every twenty minutes. This method allows for previous routes to be plotted with more location points.

Multiple Device Support

Recent years have seen a huge increase in the amount of Sat Nav / GPS devices on the market. From a vehicles's head unit to portable devices (TomTom/Garmin) through to Smartphones and tablets, all with differing types of software and applications. Our level of device support current and ever growing. Fusion Forensics are able to examine such units in situ or at our laboratory.

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