Fusion Forensics Quality Management Statement

Quality Policy

As one of the UK’s leading digital forensics providers and emerging compliance consultancy provider, Fusion Forensics Ltd are committed to continued growth, the continual improvement of our Management System and in satisfying applicable requirements, including statutory and regulatory.

We believe that reducing resource usage, improving process understanding and compliance will help to ensure the continuity of our business.

We are committed to maintaining accredited ISO 9001:2015 certification through effective collaboration, co-operation and motivation with relevant interested parties. This will ensure consistency of approach, continual improvement and confidence/trust in our processes to deliver products and services to requirements.

Objectives are set to support this policy, and the organization’s changing context. These will be reviewed by top management during routine meetings.

We are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction through the effective application of our Management System, and with it a socially responsible attitude to the delivery of our services.