The Internet is unbelievably a commonly overlooked investigative resource. With the world of publically available information at anyone's fingertips, understanding and discovering the information you require for your investigation is fast becoming an essential attribute for the modern investigator.

By the completion of the training, the osint essentials delegate will be able to:

•    fully aware of the relative legal implications;
•    appreciate the impact footprint online exploration leaves;
•    configure a computer and web browser for osint work;
•    formulate comprehensive search strategies;
•    conduct effective searches of the surface web;
•    awareness of non-standard potential sources of information;
•    analysis and reporting techniques.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Essentials is a 2 day course that has been formulated by Fusion Forensics to provide students with the necessary skills and techniques in order to utilise the internet as an indispensable exploration and investigative instrument.

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