Information Security Management Systems

Why think about ISO/IEC 27001?

You value your business and the relationships you hold with your clients therefore you want to take care of the information that you hold.  The ISO/IEC 27001 controls help you shape your working practices to assure yourself you are taking due care of that information.

You want to assure existing and prospective clients that you take care of their information that you hold.  The globally recognised method of providing such assurance is to ISO/IEC 27001 certification from a respected accreditor.  Fusion work with Bsi, the UKs most respected accreditation body.

Unless you’re a lawyer, ISO/IEC standards can be a bit of a beast to get to grips with.  We read them for fun; let us do the difficult part for you and guide you through what you need to do to achieve and retain your certification.

You can purchase a licenced copy of ISO 27001 here:

Fusion can arrange relevant courses for you, delivered and accredited by Bsi.

Please contact us on (023) 9421 7000 / (028) 9124 5315 or for further details about how Fusion may assist you.