Mobile Phone Forensics

Cabbie needs to prove his innocence


Sometimes we are not always aware what our own Mobile Phone devices are doing! Previously set up settings/ notifications that we have forgotten about are sometimes actually carrying out actions in the background whilst we are going about our day to day business!

Fusion Forensics recently had an enquiry where the police were alleging that a cab driver was using his phone when he had pulled into the taxi rank. The police even produced body cam footage in support of this accusation.

The taxi was in fact stationary and the police did not produce supporting evidence in the form of cell site or extracted handset data clearly showing the activity on the device. Such driving offences should be supported with the aforementioned evidence.

Law enforcement generally investigate volume crime with the lowest possible budget. If the client is genuinely innocent, Fusion can assist in proving such by extracting valuable data from the device which can dispel eye witness testimony. Fusion are one of the few companies in the country that can provide you with this valuable evidence. It is crucial both pieces of evidence are obtained as there may be conflicting information, such as sent text messages and calls take their times from the handset, which maybe be set incorrectly.

Laura Wright