Fusion Forensics Ltd offer a unique method of obtaining Expert Forensic Services

Have you ever wished you could pick up the phone and speak directly to an expert for advice?

Do you want that help to be available when you want it without a complicated contract or procedure being in place?

Fusion Forensics Ltd now offer Police Forces 'Expert On Call' providing you personal contact with experts in Digital Forensics at the touch of a button.

How Does the Service Work?

All Support contracts start with a site visit to meet your Digital Forensic teams, understand your current forensic set up, the services you provide, tools and software in use. From this visit we will create a support profile which can be assessed by our support team to enable us to provide you with the best advice and suggest training to improve your knowledge and performance.

What does it cost?

You decide upon either:

A monthly or annually charged fixed price agreement which meets your budget and payment terms. These are reviewed each quarter to ensure fair pricing.


A price per call service in which you pay a monthly access fee and we charge a reduced rate per hour for the time spent on the service you require.

When can i access the service?

The standard support agreement provides a priority support line answered by a trained forensic operative 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

This ca be enhanced to any form of out of hours support to provide the ultimate flexibility.

When would i use this service?

Whenever you need advice to support officers or a specific investigation. For example:

  • Workaround solutions for commonly experienced digital forensic issues (hard drive not imaging, phone data not extracting, alternative tools, circumventing device security)
  • Expert advice at the outset of both standard and major investigations to explore digital evidence opportunities and formulate strategies accordingly.
  • Assisting with issues identified in crime scene investigations.
  • A peer review of a digital forensic examination before trial to identify any weaknesses the defence could expose.
  • Open Source Investigation options and possibilities.
  • 'out of the box' recommendations to seemingly insurmountable issues.
  • Live case assistance during trial for those difficult questions.

Experience Matters

As financial pressure grows it is important to ensure that all evidence is produced to the best quality at competitive rates. Fusion Forensics Ltd have a vast experience in the delivery of forensic products to the Police and Law Enforcement Agencies around the UK.

Having direct access to experts that have experience of the past, an understanding of the present and an insight into the future will provide the essential support you need.