Cyber security events invariably result in the breach of personal, corporate and client data; FACT.

Despite the best technology and training, most instances occur because someone, somewhere, somehow, will neglect to follow documented procedures or do something they were not supposed to, putting you and/or your organisation at risk.

Nowadays the residual damage of such events to the affected organisation is not limited to financial loss, but will also certainly result in reputational harm, not to mention intervention by the ICO (if personal data was involved).

Fusion’s cyber breach investigation service is tailored to address:

·         WHAT happened?

·         WHEN the compromise took place and how long was the data compromised?

·         WHY did this happen?

·         WHOSE personal / client / corporate data was affected?

·         WHERE are the locations impacted and how far reaching is the damage?

·         WHO does the organisation need to inform?

·         WHICH element(s) of the confidentiality integrity & availability triad were compromised?

·         HOW does the organisation learn and move on from this?

Remember ‘What has happened? When did you know about it? What have you done about it?’ are searching questions better heard from a cyber investigator than from shareholders or a regulator after a cyber security event!

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