Experience, Knowledge and Understanding

Our Consultants deliver and manage Cyber and Digital Forensic investigations for government, law enforcement, defence lawyers and commercial organisations from scene of crime to the court room. This experience enables us to advise a broad range of clients in the best practice in the management and delivery of forensic investigation services.

Our consultancy services include the following:

  • Forensic Laboratory advisory services, including creation, polices, forensic software/hardware, staff training and improvement reviews.
  • Advice at the outset of both standard and major investigations to explore digital evidence opportunities and formulate strategies accordingly.
  • Assisting with issues identified in crime scene investigations.
  • A peer review of a digital forensic examination before trial to identify any weaknesses the defence could expose.
  • Open Source Investigational options and possibilities.
  • ‘Out of the box’ recommendations to seemingly insurmountable issues.
  • Live case assistance during trial for those difficult questions.

Please contact us on (023) 9421 7000 or info@fusionforensics.com for further details about how this service could assist you with your investigation.