Experience, Knowledge and Understanding

Our Consultants come from a background of Cyber and Digital Forensic investigations, law enforcement, application of legislation, Professional Standards and compliance.  This broad experience enables us to work seamlessly with clients from any sector who is wishing to become and remain compliant.

Our consultancy services include the following:

• Talking you through ISO Standards or GDPR and helping you to understand how you may go about completing your compliance journey;

• Project Management from start to finish;

• Helping you to identify, document and reduce your risks or non conformities;

• Driving you forward, ensuring your project does not stumble or fall to the wayside;

• Provision of completed bespoke policies, that not only comply with relevant regulations / ISO Standards, but accurately reflect the realities of your business. (We do not use commercially available templates as we find these are often full of unnecessary waffle, regurgitated gobbledygook and could never reflect what your business does on a day to day basis);

• Provision of outsourced DPO Services – vDPO Lite;

• Reacting to Data Breaches.

Fusion offer a whole business protection service from compliance to prevent breaches through to investigation services to identify the root causes and prevent recurrence.  This can be achieved though good old fashioned detective work, cyber and digital investigation and we can even present you with an evidential package for internal use or presentation to law enforcement as you see fit.

Please contact us on (023) 9421 7000 / (028) 9124 5315 or info@fusionforensics.com for further details about how this service could assist you.