Computer Forensics can best be defined as the collaboration of investigate principles, lateral thinking whilst maintaining a forensic analysis philosophy, in order to gather, preserve, interpret and ultimately present, digital evidence from any digital computing storage device or network, in a manner suitable for submission into any legal process.

Fusion Forensics are highly skilled in undertaking forensic investigations of computing systems, whether in reaction to an alleged criminal event or to protect a business from a catastrophic data loss. Fusion Forensics consultants have not only years of experience conducting digital investigations within the public and military justice systems, but also years of utilising these skills both domestically and internationally.

Our company ethos is to provide a thoroughly professional, yet personal approach to fully meet our client’s needs. This is especially the case in computer forensic investigations.

From providing calm yet logical advice at the beginning of the case, to preparing expert testimony at court, our consultants fully involve clients throughout the investigation process to not only provide assurance, but also produce the product that best suits your specific needs. 

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Case Study


Fusion Forensics was instructed by a private client to conduct a defence review and critique of a civilian police digital forensic investigation regarding an allegation of possession of child abuse material. The private client had strongly protested his innocence from the outset of the investigation, which by the stage of Fusion Forensic’s involvement, had been hanging over the client for almost 3 years.

What Fusion Forensics did

Upon receipt of the police report and supporting evidence, Fusion Forensics conducted a thorough forensic examination.  As a result of this process, it was established that several glaring errors in the police report.

Our Findings

On closer inspection of the digital media alleged to contain the illegal material, Fusion Forensics were able to establish that despite each media device being linked to a production date and time, the process in which each device was materially produced, could not have physically been possible with contemporary computer equipment from that period in time.
This fact, in combination with no confirmatory time and date accuracy evidence being produced by the police from the producing computer system, led to this case being dropped, and the client being totally exonerated.