Digital Investigation SERVICES

Acquiring, preserving, analysing and reporting on data from a multitude of digital devices. UK wide coverage. Criminal, civil and commercial cases expertly handled.

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COMPLIANCE & Consultancy

Delivering value for money compliancy services. Fulfilling client focused consultancy.

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Cyber Investigation SERVICES

Providing Cyber Investigations to law enforcement, commercial and government entities. Recovering digital footprints, analysing online reputation and preserving internet data.

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About Us

Proven History with Progressive Thinking

Fusion Forensics is a leading provider of cyber and digital forensic services in the UK for governmental departments, law enforcement, defence lawyers and commercial organisations. Our services and expertise have become an essential tool in the assessment by both judge and jury as to the use of digital devices during or as part of criminal activity.

Fusion Forensics, was originally formed in 2003 as Forensic Mobile Services (FMS), and established itself as one of the UK’s leading digital forensic suppliers. Since then Fusion Forensics has developed a number of new services to meet the advances in technology and the ever changing demands and requirements from our customers.

Experience Matters

As financial pressure grows it is important to ensure that all evidence is produced to the best quality at competitive rates. Fusion Forensics have a vast experience in the delivery of forensic products to Police and Law Enforcement Agencies as well as Defence Solicitors and Barristers around the UK.

Having direct access to experts that have experience of the past, an understanding of the present and an insight to the future will provide the essential support you need.

At Fusion Forensics we pride ourselves on our highly qualified and skilled individuals who act as expert witnesses. Our expert's skills are drawn from previous employment within law enforcement, military and the telecommunications industry. Fusion Forensics adhere to both Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) now National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) Guidelines for Digital Evidence, and the Forensic Science Regulator's (FSR) Code of Conduct and Code of practice.

Accessibility, Quality & Secure

From Cornwall to Caithness Fusion operates UK wide coverage though our dedicated in-house secure courier. Our Bond Salon trained staff and Quality Assurance (BS EN ISO 9001:2015) accreditation to ensure robust evidential standards and working practices are maintained. Fusion operates a secure forensics laboratory, office and training facility.


  • Upon realising that our data storage had become corrupted we turned to Fusion for assistance and advice. When experiencing the loss of business dependant data, Fusion were able to offer us a transparent and reliable service. Fusion provided us with an honest and up front description of the process behind data recovery, and then kept us informed throughout the recovery to advise of expected delivery times and the quality of data that would be achieved. Highly recommended all round.
    — Commercial Client
  • I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Fusion Forensics. I worked with the company on a sensitive high profile case with almost impossible time constraints. The case required expert assistance in respect of mobile phone data and computer interrogation. The service provided was clear accessible and very useful. The nature of the evidence meant that additional work was required to expand the scope of the original report. This was undertaken promptly with liaison between the relevant authorities and the other expert taking place. The presentation of the evidence was appropriate and easily understood by judge, counsel and jury alike. I found Fusion’s expert accessible and extremely helpful providing a high standard of expertise that progressed the case for all parties. I have continued to use Fusion and have found their assistance in other areas of Digital Forensics to be just as professional and useful.
    — Criminal Defence Solicitor
  • Many thanks for the work you did on Operation **** Five defendants pleaded guilty to offences of theft, handling and possessions of a firearm. The cell site evidence was clearly damning as everyone pleaded to the offences without question. This clearly shows the strength of the product produced. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again.
    — Detective Constable - Kent Serious and Organised Crime Unit
  • Can I personally thank you all for the work you completed in relation to Op ****. The presentation of the jury friendly phone charts were referred to significantly during the court case. Also, can I thank you for how promptly you completed your reports and were able and willing to amend them as we introduced other suspects into the equation at very short notice. Your expert’s presentation in the witness box was extremely clear and concise and he was able to refute what the defence were trying to imply to the jury.
    — Detective Sergeant - Force Serious Crime Team Leicestershire Constabulary

Case Study

Are you getting the complete forensic picture?

A defendant was arrested by Police. During the enquires officers seized the defendant's mobile phone. The outcome of
‘in-house’ examinations revealed there were two media files deleted that could not be recovered using their forensic tools.

The timeframe associated to the creation of these files was identified as significant to the investigation. The force decided to
outsource a further examination to a private digital forensic company who were also unable to recover the files or the exact date and time they were created.

The prosecution evidence

The files were identified as one video and one picture file, however, it was claimed by the prosecution that the files were
overwritten and not recoverable.

The defence case

The solicitors representing the defendant instructed Fusion to confirm the prosecution's findings. The defendant was adamant that the files would assist his defence case.

Using sophisticated advanced data recovery tools and their experience Fusion were able to recover the exact date and time each of the deleted files were originally created. Fusion also successfully recovered the picture file that had been declared as overwritten. Although the video file was not recoverable an image (frame) from the video was able to be extracted. This picture file held crucial information such as the time of day and location.

The outcome

Fusion provided an evidential report and following a trial the defendant was found not guilty.

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